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I'm a regular person.  A non-basic and grown up Black American woman starting this blog in Fall 2016 at the age of 30 years old. I am with the idea that our Black women of color have natural hair that rocks.

I am not with the idea that we have called each other basic because one woman doesn't wear make up or hit the salon religiously 6 months in a row. We are not, neither should we be, watching each other's purses or pockets that closely.


What man you have or don't have is no one's business either. That's just nosey nosiness. But if I have a man and I say it,  I don't get relevant credit for saying that, do I? And if I'm single then I don't know anything about relationships. Let's keep it general then: No names, don't name family relations, and don't say my friend and mean yourself,  LOL. 


"It's hard to hear that someone (some people) would go through ______ and don't take advice over and over again."

"I heard of someone going through ______ ______ ______. All I would do is watch. SMH,  some people don't listen."

I'm not here to drown women in positive reinforcement.  I am sick being a chronic scroller on social media because people want to question my hair and pick my sex life based on my makeup choices, use or don't use,  and don't bother to ask me my preferences.


Hi,  I'm your blogger. My handle is ShastaQT, a native NYCer that loves this city and and happy to be in it. I will mostly be posting blogs about generalities like I just brought up. I want like minds soothed and comments are welcomed from them. Come and let your hair down. No gender is inappropriate and I did make this blog with Black American people of color in mind. 

Open door for the youth as well to speak about bullying and feeling defeated with lack of motivation.


Also, I would love to have teen parents come and speak out about what it has been like FOR REAL since no one really gave us the details on what it would actually be like. Becoming a mother at 17 years old doesn't sound as bad to some but deal with life in my shoes in the ghetto of my city like anyone other teen mom started parenting in the ghettos. Facebook page is coming soon it will be a private group.

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