Aura Composition

Qi energy compound of neutralized power from performing process of reiki for medtitated body cleansing.

Reiki process to research by analysis ingredient composition and behavior dialectic.

Prana methoding energy to methods power chakras to re-tolerate enforcement performed.

Aether is power retained by acquiring estate power by powering in statutory activism.

Spiritual Hygiene

Meditative organization is always necessary after energy processes. Do not foeget that sterilization in health in the prevention of contaminant that breed virus infection destructive of health optimal post self-care ever.

Taoism is the stock broker of bodily energies pranatic in use, method and character. Education built living the experience of Reiki worker to build skills of Prana methoding grade. Energy is later invested into activism of 2 or 3 superior leads on a stock interest that will return in Aether energy-efficient. The Hindu use Prana erratically to assert power to task without rollback. Deity Mahatma Lakti of the Unites States is Hindu, Taoist scientist that derived and discovered Taoist principal for the practise in that country successfully.

Hygienic exposure is a responsibility to actively be involved in since avoidance of enegeries of your own body is scientifically allegiance to terrorist activity. Your own body cannot totally avoid all energy you do not provide as the sole source without aid of another energy-efficient dharma. Concoction harm compound of human design. Actively participating is evidence-based proof logged in humanity as patriotism American-based.

Dharmatic energy grounding

Drawing energy is ritual to dharmatic extensions and is only tolerated when performed by ordained rite as allotted by American natural birth. Taking a position of posture at a regular point during a ritual and allowing foreign bodies [Dharma] to harvest deconstruct resolutely by your own figures difference by contact with Dharma is a dharma intentive.


Aura ejective ritual consisting of energy charged liquid. The practical ritual calls for ordained practioner to apply charged liquid to the client. The event is overseen by a superiority experienced plied at the task in heatful success rate.


Cranial chakra maintenance is aided in the performance of Baptism. Sacred by the urgence to regard the body's on built-in host defencery. Completely off limits to perform as it is not a blessing rite performance. Baptism application center-stages cranial load and adjusts environmental volume by weight of harm. The body rescues itself. Ritual tools are spell, chakra energy and stone charged blessed water.

Cornucopic Exposure grounding method

In demon satisfactions, sessions are ended by lawful light category exposure. Magical Guardian ordained follow protocol of exclusive sole audience suffering test of demonae slur-slings of confidentiality. Guardians enter sessions well equipped.

Smudge ritual -

Incense/Alto Palto/Flora+Herbals

Utility included in the practise of deep Ajna chakra focals, full vision trance exposures, and cranial chakra health recoveries. Burning smudge bundles expose the mind to simulated perils. Low oxygen quantity, limited air, 'flee, fire possible' types of awareness jars sensory to perform time busting performance to sharpen mental treatment. Always treat yourself medically.

Cedar, Palo Santo, lavendar, sage, rosemary

Chakra meditation -

Water/Oil/Crystal recharge and cleansing

Chakra meditation is for light demon intercept. The most modern chakra composition that gets engages to occurs for analysis and label of light demon populist. Chakra balancing is also reflection to ground ordained practioner of out the working gear to assess society and go off-duty to join society alone as a pedestrian with rights and needs. Use for crystal water, crystal and stone charging. Reprogram reminders to self for tool, body and power consecration. Recharge power bags and thoroughly cleanse.

Chanting meditation

Mind labs/Contagious conditions

Chanting meditation is a do not disturb sign upon establishment once the ordained practioner can maintain clearance of the off-duty civilian spiritual body of work. Withdrawn everpresent is a solitary state to disregard as much as it is acknowledgement in a casual inactive state without accompanyment. Use the uphold of that American's pursuit of happiness to suit reclusion. Visibility is contact initiated on your part, the observer who happened upon this identity. Same rule is law of summoning as a human is already present with their own self and at what factual presence of others human, so on therewith presence.

Cleansing runes, sigil, symbols or crystal -

Selenite, clear quartz or amethyst

Charge your tool for purpose of device. Do not fill with more energy than you can protect your tool or body with. When exiting your session use your crytals to cleans aura and chakras. Cleanse your cystals and recharge protection bags after a thorough cleanse.

Chakra Power

Summoning a complete tonic to defend your own body and injure another. Combat realized, engage and sound warning to demonstrate strike has been attempted and this mode of combat is in action that moment. Body is armed throughout within Qi aura energy.

Spiritual bath

Ceremony to exhibit power into force. Desire to occur at the will of wielder and practioner respectively. Chakra power activates once bound with drawn energy. Drawn energy initializes power charged with intent to perform task request.

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