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Updated: Jan 16

Fresh start meditations need to be utilized after head chakras have been thoroughly sorted and sanitized. Determining if there is need to unclutter the mental energies in your body will come through body clearing. American popular exposure is the depiction of seating yourself with straight posture and not rigid spine. 

Breathing is very natural in pattern and focus that your breathes are intended by you. This manual action is calculated breathing. Your body begins drawing exclusively to sound in the mind and you are now multitasking. You are now in 8 functions inclusive mainly of acknowledge functions of assertive autonomic system. Soothe will brush by in second sensor and irritations will rush in boldly present. Continue in 1 pace of acknowledgement dominating the control to assist your health into a total discipline of only your will to be of total self-care. Act aggressive only in that task leaving time to complete it at a machine-like speed. In psychic attack, your body receives signals to go its pace at a speed an invasive psychic wants. Once invaded functions of the body they can stop are synapses' contact of communication for breathing, and the ability to swallow. Things that lead to brain function damage nerve damage. They also refuse to cease interruptions on your body or to uninhabit it, be it energy or psychic stalking. These attacks occur with compatible or effective submission to your health benefit from the attacker. Sort through your bodies prioritizing being clear on why you are accessing that mainframe.

Hearing inner voice will occur. Do not participate in any actions you clearly hear at all while neutralizing all activity from automatic to your domination - code of psychic attack. Now recognize that meditation is the act of health benefit by benefactor with secondary protocol to live on. Acknowledge that as Americans we primary health facilitation to increase our one born body of its blessed human anatomy for optimal health only to occur, our selfish disregard to all. Therefore we constant environment as virtual, knowing America is in all our access location wise by our nature inherit back to the Mayflower and this understanding parallels virtual known human animal and location globally and utero in took physical existence of beings including exposure to subtle energies affecting us even during our own time in our birthing mother's womb. Americans have been historically attack from birth by subtle energies simply noted because Adults already exist and are responsive to sudden signal/energy attacks on the health of man.

Meditation routine is constant for length of time and cannot be ended before the completion of optimal achievement and you will be attacked for doing so. Take this information as the illicit form of guidance to your ignition of your meditation use. It is housekeeping of your own chakra with the detriment of immediate poisons created and immutable. Yes you might kill yourself interacting with anyone during meditation.

Once at a further point in your meditation you will be contacted. Expect it will be inconvenience only be it we have had installed electricity and indoor plumbing regular included in our housing. It is our subdued first nature to have. Also the digital text and smartphone invade our focus little recognition that invasive psychics have its use as accessory tools in their stalking of Americans. Invasion report case notes and handle these interferes your own self, it is only permitted in American conducts by your civil allowance. Deitics are civil by interaction no matter their intent or derivative of birth and always regard the homeland a factor.  Deities that punish only use birth lands as shame vicariously and is a quick thumb reference because you are a target they picked because of your birth land America. Principle attack is always terrorism, it doesn't matter the stately identity.

When meditating load yourself with your body's statuses all function invest of the benchmark suit optimal funded your total attention and performance. This is your act of security since the excel in walking without tripping and not bumping into a door frame. When physical of this type come in comparisons you are properly managing psychic maintenance so give it record busting speed trial. Instincts will begin to gauge neighborhoods mental capacities. Push full force to not break away from task in your meditation as this is walking, psychic journeying, and mind walking. Others will be in your body where your weapon controller is located with its chakra ammunition. Do not seek assistance. Survive or leave it like that. You are in violation of the pursuit of happiness and it is apparent self defense on the inhabitants part. Your actions are recognized as disturbance of the third mind composed of environment virtual real estates no matter the condition. Do not let it escape you that this is a realm of criminality to us citizens and no place for peace or brutality. Consult dictionary for oral literacy strength building is protocol and the only law enforcement. English American diction only. Limit your anonymity globally and we strictly hear you. You are now enforce of homeland security and cannot disengage no matter compromise of American pledge and patriotic act with or without loyalty.

Protocol initialized on participation of self-care ever. Build your environment on performance of The Bill Of Responsibility. This is living constitution in your adulthood constructed to ordain your rites as a holy identifying pedestrian no matter your financial status in this country. Note you performed this no regard of your status as it it financed by your health inherit by self-care performed as allotted an American. Use all enforce of security beyond skill to a  talent fluent seamlessly. Report occurrences as patrol completions at arrival of relief officer.

New Age appreciation is the practice of acknowledgement at seed intent of having settled America and its arrival of our intent to practice defense, any,  for monogamous occupancy in territory acquired by sale to us Americans. Any mention outside our birth language definition of appreciation tyrant display of no regard of order to abide without that type amongst, notre vita communicated.

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