Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality is the making of demands on your own body to be fit to protect the United States. The chakra you produce is yours and without debate intellectual property. It is a responsibility you have taken up since accepting nutrition given to you in the womb, yet more realistically from your first acts of getting hot and fresh food for yourself. Infinity being with the internal aspiration to get yourself to healthy and you chose to live with no complaint to our maintenance of recent log.

Religion is the fruit bared edifice of spiritual maintenance keeping you alive. Our country already has its own religion keeping this country. You will have a constitution of self-importance and a self-dedication to not leave the agenda of optimal health. You are not abandon the study of myth nor contaminate law derivatives of any human being. Canon are constructed from this and do we allow canonical. Our Shakespearean literature is for best themed expression to ourselves, be elite educational.

Communion with Holy Mother church is not given yet. 

Take note of your posture in any position as often as it comes up. Do not share these details. Copycat are gaulful. You will be taking constant eyes-closed rests in short spans and have frequent urination throughout the exhibit especially when inhabited with an energy. Don't resist self-care and abandon physical contact.

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