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You Are Meant To Be A Witch

There has been a misunderstanding among Americans and some lies told to people not born in this country of ours. Wicca is not for initiation of anyone. It is the one guild that connects us to England. Witchcraft is our sole right to participate in by our national rights given to us by protecting this country with the U.S. Armed Forces. If you don't join the military at war you participated by giving a child healthy by default of the nutrtition we harvest. The rest is made up for by self-care and developing you witchdom experience and that obviously includes battle record and not abstaining from experience. No one exempt of U.S. protection is to participate. The only initiation you can be involved in is of mutual independent practice. Its unmistakable to know need. Question raised is a 'No' because it was clear to you that you could not tell. The flow of a station is detected as 'available to complete task my own self'. Know the difference between fatigue and not in the mood for this. Remember that fulfillment is protecting the country to a maximum before the soldiers leave shore. Everyone is poor and they are here for food. Anyone who doesnt ask is bothered by that poverty amd keeping their country clean like us. They need to clean their country and are able to and any average citizen here or an American with housekeeping. Haiti had the best shot at contrlling the United Emirates because they learned the upkeep of Scotland. What did they do. They dried up Haiti. They are just as lazy. America is out of it. They all mock health practices give the reason as living homeless didnt kill them. Your body is keeping its course to complete optimal health. Give it everything you get from your selfish. Itself exact know what you need compared to another human. Your brain the health monitor station for your every operation. No talking--use it. Depressions and love are adjectives to describe a lack of health medically. Learn what fluids build up from that. Improper apathy breeds infectious virus and only annihilation destroys viral attack. Even in our state of literacy from our public education meditation will gain you vocabulary definitions because we educate in one standardized effect. You learned it by scientific law dimensions. It can only alter transitionally by physics of scientific law.

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